Thursday, June 26, 2008


Just heard from the landlord that we are pretty much approved for the new place. He just needs to call to verify our employment. We can come by tomorrow to pick up the forms. It will be sad to leave our current place and a major pain in the @$$ to pack. But can you imagine what we can do with an extra $750 a month?!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We really have been living the good life since we moved to California. Something of a "Honeymoon Period" you could say. It's the happiest Don and I have ever been. We've been inspired and satisfied by our work. We haven't had to worry about finances. We've established great friendships. We've enjoyed the environment and the culture. We've basically been worry free for a while now. Oh, how I wish that feeling could last forever. I really had forgotten what it's like to be burdened by stress, anxiety, doubts, and burdens. But we've had plenty of them in the last couple of weeks. It really is true that what women want most in life is security. That doesn't mean to me that we have to make tons of money (although I won't turn it down if it comes my way.) But I'm not good with the unknowns. I hate being in limbo. I hate uncertainty and not knowing what my future holds - especially with something as large as where I'm going to be living next month. Not that there isn't excitement in it too. But I prefer the stability of the even keel rather than the huge peaks and valleys of the emotional tidal wave we've been riding this month. Stress sucks. It messes with your head. It messes with your heart. And it really messes with your sleep. But, really after a whole year of bliss, I guess I can't complain too much about our minor struggles in the grand scheme of things. Life moves ahead and we are just along for the ride. We might as well try and enjoy it as best we can.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Small Steps

If we are going to be moving, there is lots to be done. Still waiting to hear on the application if we were approved or not. Tonight I've decided to spend working on our home office. My desk needs some major cleaning and there are lots of things to throw out, recycle, donate and shred. There's nothing like the giant task of moving to motivate you to pair down and simplify your life. It's actually quite liberating.

Cooling Down

Also, I forgot to mention... We have been having a lovely heat waive. 4 days last week with highs over 110F. Things have finally cooled down. The high today is only supposed to be 85! I may celebrate by doing errands tonight which I have been avoiding since it was too hot to get in and out of the car.

This one's for you, Grandma

I realize the blogs have been few and far between. Work has been busy with not much "down time." But here's an update for our loved ones so you still know we're alive and kicking. I need to remember that even when I don't have time to launch an extended detailed monologue, short posts with the basics are still acceptable.

So, yes, we are alive, and some pretty big things going on. Our lease expired and it was time to renew. The landlord decided to raise the rent which made us a little bitter. Given the fact that we had good payment history and that property values were dropping while our expenses are going up, we just couldn't see how she could justify the increase. Also, with the economy in such a bunch, we just don't feel as stable as we did a year ago this time. So it got us to thinking, and we decided to at least look around and see if there were any other reasonable options that might save us a chunk of change. Well, long story short, in less than 24 hours, we found a 2 bedroom house in our direct neighborhood for significantly less. $750 a month less! Sure there are a few downgrades, and a little less space. But still has the essentials and really, plenty for the two of us and the dogs. This has been a nice place but more than we need. So we applied and will find out later this week if we were accepted. Can't imagine why we would be declined. And if accepted we will be moved in to the new place by the end of next month.

Also, at work, our new hire starts next week. It will be a lot of time to get her trained but she seems pretty bright and I think she will do well. So maybe some day down the road I will actually be able to work a normal schedule. In the meantime, I may have to put in some extra time this weekend to get some more training materials put together.

The 4th of July is coming up and my sister Kristy is coming to visit! I can't wait to see her and to plan some fun things while she is here. We will most likely host a BBQ on the 4th. We also want to do some hiking and go to the beach. Also, I'm looking forward to the 3 day weekend!

Finally, we just found out that Don's short film from the 48 hour film project won the viewer's choice award for their group! Way to go Babe! This means they make it to the next round and could potentially win some prizes or at least some notariety! They are working on a director's cut of the film. As soon as it's ready they'll post it on YouTube and I'll put up the link for it.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

80's Gothic Skate Night

Here are a few pictures from our recent skating outing. I haven't been skating since I was a little girl. It's a lot more difficult when you are thirty. The balance and coordination were much easier when you only way 80 pounds. Plus, it hurt less when you fell down. Go to my Webshots Album for more pics.

New Photos / Old Photos

Better late then never. Here are some pictures from our girl's weekend to wine country last November. My camera had a glitch and I lost about 300 pictures that I had taken. Now I know better and unload them more frequently. Anyway, Paige just recently brought me copies of the pictures she took from that weekend. Here are a few sample pics. The rest you can view in my Webshot Albums.

Here we are at the start of our road trip getting so happy to be getting out of the city!

A lovely viewing stop along the way.

A picture of Camille and I in front of Edna Valley Vineyards. Let the wine tasting begin!

Bottums up!

Statuette and I guarding the grounds of Hurst Castle!

The most beautiful outdoor pool I have ever seen in person. I want to swim in it! Check out the webshots album for pics of the indoor pool!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Over the past weekend, Don spent 48 hours in a film competition which left me to entertain myself. So Saturday evening, Paige and I decided to get together and do something. Since she has headshots coming up (very expensive headshots), she needed to die her hair to cover up her roots and grow out. So I invited her to bring the die over and we could watch movies and hang out during the dying process. Well, to make a long story short, we never got around to the actual hair die part, but we certainly did get down to our roots. While looking through our DVD shelf to see if we had anything interesting, Paige got super excited when she noticed that we had a couple seasons of our mutual childhood favorite cartoon "Heman and the Masters of the Universe." As soon as I mentioned that watching those cartoons always makes me want to color in coloring books we had sealed our fate that that was how we would spend our evening. So off to Target we went to pick up some new coloring books, coloring crayons, and of course a nice little stash of junkfood for our childhood flashback playdate. Even though many of the crayons from our brand new box we discovered to be broken upon opening, and the coloring book selection was nothing like it was when we were kids, we still ended up having a quite enjoyable evening. As Paige mentioned, coloring in your 30s is so much more satisfying than when you were a kid. You can actually stay in the lines and the finished product is much nicer!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Out of Place

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a Toyota Camry with racing stripes on it. Does that sound out of place to anyone else?

Speaking of out of place, yes, I am working on a Sunday. I don't plan to make a habit of it, and in fact, I'm not actually working on "my work." Meaning, the active deals and stuff that I have sitting in my inbox, I am purposefully not going to touch today. What I did come in to do though, is to put together a training manual with sample documents, forms, and procedures. No one has ever taken the time to put together any kind of resource for new employees and since our staff is growing, I wanted to do that now. It will help A LOT with the training process in the coming weeks and months and save me lots of time in the long run. So, yes, I am giving up one Sunday to do this project. And truth be told, there is something rather peaceful that I relish about being here by myself, in the peace and quiet, with no distractions, no phone interruptions, no salesmen at my heals with their emergencies that need immediate attention. Just me, my Starbucks, and my NPR. It really isn't the worst way to spend a Sunday.

Monday, June 02, 2008


As you can tell by the lack of posting, life has been a bity busy and chaotic lately. Both Don and I have been working long hours at work. My work is in transition and currently and have slowly been learning how to and who to delegate certain things to certain people to carry over until our new crew is up to speed. Of course in the meantime, I am carrying the brunt of the load, in certain areas at least. So long hours, a bit of stress, having to make some of my first major middle management decisions. All of it is pretty exciting and I'm happy about where we're going but putting that much energy and time into my professional life has put my personal life temporarily on hold. Haven't seen too much of Don in the past few weeks and the dishes and laundry have suffered tremendously.

Enter Katy and her 28th birthday to the rescue. Katy and Jeremy have a timeshare that allows them to book and stay at a certain series of hotels in a number of different touristy hot spots. For her birthday weekend she decided to book a trip to Solvang. Off we went for a very exciting trip and chance to get away. Although I missed my dogs we had a really fabulous time (the six of us - me and don, jeremy and katy, matt and camille.) Solvang is an adorable little danish town in Santa Barbara area. We had some fun in the pool, ate a lot of good danish food, and did a lot of wine tasting. Don and I are going to be a bigger wine cabinet now! While I admit it took a little while to get detached from thinking about all of the things I "should" be doing at work and at home, I'm excited to say I did finally achieve a state of relaxation, free from worry and obligation. It was a very fun weekend with good friends, good food. A true vacation.

Now that I'm back to work, I have my priorities for the week laid out and am making a point to get even better at delegating so that I can stick to my regular hours. Wish me luck!