Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Almost Really Expensive Vet Bill

Last night Don & Jeremy had a production meeting in Glendale. They have been collaborating with friends from Gadzook Films on various short film projects to keep active and further hone their flim making skills. So after a quick and refreshing Salmon dinner, they were off to their meeting and Katy and I got to spend the whole evening together. We had a nice time chatting over a glass of wine while I finished up the dishes and then mingled on over to the living room to relax.

As we were deep in conversation, I looked over and noticed that Cordy was playing with and trying to eat something small on the rug. Oh, great, she's gone after a bug again. I ordered her to stop and she backed away from the now mangled bug and left it alone. So the conversation went on until about 15 or 20 minutes later when we noticed Cordy standing in the middle of the room shaking with her tail between her legs, eyes glazed over, and not looking well at all. Hmmm, that's not normal. So I called to her and she didn't respond. Not normal either. I asked her if she wanted to go outside. No response. Not normal again. I asked her if she was hungry and pulled out the treat bag. No response. DEFINITELY not normal!

Now Cordy has a sensitive stomach to begin with, but concerned that she may have just tried to eat some kind of poisonous bug, we determined that this situation warranted a trip to the animal hospital. Just great. First we find out we owe $5600 on our taxes. Then today my car starts making noises so am going to have to fork over some dough for car repairs. Now an emergency animal vet bill on top of it. I don't know about you, but I've never gotten out of one of those ER pet visits for less than $700.

So, we pick up the little girl's trembling body and head out to the car with poor Seumas beside himself that we are leaving him behind all by his lonesome. Cordy is in Katy's lap on the passenger seat, tail still between her legs and head burried. There we are, driving along Ventura Blvd and headed to Studio City when, I kid you not, *buuuurrrrrrpppp*. Cordy lets out the raunchiest, stinkiest, and most audible burp I've ever heard come from a four legged animal. Did I mention raunchy? It stunk to high heaven!

A few minutes later, she sits up a little and starts taking an interest in the traffic, lights and pedestrians on the busy streets of the boulevard. That's a good sign. So we get to the animal hospital, starting to feel a little better that maybe she isn't on her deathbed. We park and get out of the car, and immediately, she perks right up, head high and tail wagging and is sniffing around really excited and ready to go for a night stroll and explore these unfamiliar surroundings. Really good sign!

So instead of taking her into the hospital we walked right past it and went a couple of blocks up and down the Boulevard where she seem to be enjoying herself just fine and no signs of discomfort. That's right, the girl had gas, and it almost cost me hundreds of dollars. I tried to tell her that this is what happens when you eat poop, but I don't think it got through.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


My husband is interviewing with a chocolate company tomorrow. How cool is that? If he accepts the position, guess what everyone is getting for Christmas...