Friday, October 31, 2008

Biggest Loser

We started a Biggest Loser Competition at work. $25 buy in. Contest goes from November 3rd to January 5th. Karen is bringing her scale to work and we are going to weigh in every Monday. At the end of two months, the colleague who has lost the greatest percentage of body weight takes home the winnings. We are all excited about the idea of getting healthy and losing weight. But we are also having huge blast trash talking each other despite the fact that we haven't even started yet. It's been a while since I've done anything truly competitive and I think this will be a lot of fun. Everybody wish me luck.

Since I will be walking the dogs a lot, I've decide to also weigh in Cordy and Seumas so that they can have their own biggest loser competition as well. Whichever wiener dog loses the greatest percentage of body weight, wins a night of sleeping in the big bed with Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Time for Two

Happy Monday morning. Don and I just came off of a lovely weekend. It was the first weekend since I can't even remember that we spent the whole time just the two of us. We are blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends here who have become our family away from home. We love spending time with them, love hosting and entertaining, even just hanging out and doing laundry together. But while we love all of that and don't intend to scale back, it was a golden opportunity to indulge in alone time this weekend and reconnect as a couple.

Here are just a few things we did:

- Bought the new Batman Lego Game and played on our new PS3.
- Went grocery shopping together.
- Bought a beautiful new dish set at Target.
- Got a burger at Fatburger.
- Cooked Dinner together.
- Sat out and sunned in the backyard with the dogs
- Watched the Tudors on Netflix
- Started our first little bit of Christmas shopping.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Credit Card Debt Free

Just made the last payoff amount to our credit card and put our first chunk of savings into our "down payment for a house fund." Man that feels good!