Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let the Moving Begin

Things are happening. This morning I go to pick up the keys to our new place and we can start taking loads over. I have somewhat ambivalent feelings about the move. Not excited to leave the current place but excited to save money. I'm more focused on the actual physical process of the moving than the end result of being in the new place. At this point I'm happy to get started and ready to be done. The house is definitely smaller than the one we have now and the layout is really different, so I've been having trouble in my mind figuring out how to arrange things and what will fit where. We'll just have to start putting things in and see where they fit.

I think the things that I will miss the most about this house are the covered porch, the gaming room, and the central air. But it's always liberating to downsize. I'm excited to have a smaller house that's easier to clean, to leave more things in storage, and to finally have a dishwasher.

In other exciting news, I had an unexpected surprise yesterday when my boss pulled me in his office and told me I was getting a raise! Not due for a review or anything. Just, a 'we're really glad you're here, you're doing a great job, and we want to give you more money,' kind of thing. There's nothing quite so strong of an affirmation as putting your money where your mouth is, particularly when it's in my pocket! It's also nice to know that the long hours I've been putting in have been worth it. With our new employee that we just hired (She's great!), there are a lot of exciting things happening for us. In a stagnating economy, it's nice to be with a company where business is booming and significant growth is happening, and it's exciting to be a part of that success.

Given the savings we're about to incur on our new rent, and factoring in my raise that just went into effect, we'll be netting almost a full grand in monthly income to our favor. Given the circumstances, I finally caved and allowed Don to do something we haven't done in a very long time... order Cable television. Soon to be installed in our new house, we are about to be the proud hosts to 200+ digital channels including On Demand Options and TIVO capabilities. If you don't hear from me for a while it is because I have fallen into the abyss of the Home and Garden Channel.