Saturday, September 26, 2009

Last Day

This morning begins our last full day in Germany. Tomorrow in the early morning we pack up and head to the airport. It is Jim's birthday today and we will be celebrating with a big block party which means, oh dear, more food and drinking! Things have exceeded our expectations all the way around. And while I don't think I could possibly live any farther away from our family then we already do, I do feel that Germany is a place I could be happy if life ever brought us here for some reason. The scenery is beautiful, quite similar to North Carolina in fact with the farm fields and rolling hills. I'm also quite loving the architecture with the beautiful buildings and steep clay roofs. And people really take pride in their gardens here which is something I hope to learn some day. I've picked up a thing or two on hospitality also since I've been here which I will bring home with me.

But even of all the fantastic experiences we have had getting to travel and see a foreign country and do touristy things, it wouldn't have been half the experience it was if we hadn't gotten to do it with our family. It has been really special to get to know Don's Aunt and Uncle and cousins more. Now we have a bond thicker than blood with real experiences and memories to go with it. And even Jim and Sharon whom we have seen so seldom over the past few years, we have gotten to see new sides to them as well. Time goes so fast as did this our longest vacation we have ever taken together. But I do feel refreshed and renewed from this trip in a way that will carry back to every day life.

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