Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family Photos

How can you not smile when surrounded by this beautiful country?

Clan Hall - Uncle Chuck, Don (goes by Donnie here), and Dad (Jim)

Dad - He uses the same charming smile when he asks you to get him a beer. Works every time.

Chuck - getting fresh with the fresh produce

Ripsy and Angie - getting their morning dose of sun.

Sharon - my sweet southern mother-in-law

Cousin Daniel - Breaking out the family Tree. Shortly after this he made the comment about one of these guys on here he thought he was related to. Do ya think? Surely it was a twist of the tongue, but we all had a good laugh over that one.

Chuck and Heike - sporting his Army Barret. Still looks good!

Suzanne and Peter - Great neighbors! They just returned from a two week hiking trip in the mountains with lots of hiking. Talk about my dream vacation! Suzanne and Peter are from Czech but Peter is also half Hungarian. The camera doesn't quite capture it but in real life he has eyes like Daniel Craig. He was very happy to hear this of course!

Dad - with the first glass of beer of the trip. 10:30 AM upon arrival of course!

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